Student Groups

Kilachand Ambassadors

The Kilachand Ambassadors are Kilachand Honors College’s official student hosts and representatives. The Ambassadors contribute to a variety of events for Kilachand Honors College and assist administrators in recruiting new students. Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the Kilachand Honors College and visitors and represent the highest ideals of the University, Kilachand, and fellow classmates.

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to communicating with prospective students, meeting with and giving tours to prospective students and their families during campus visits, and attending and assisting with Kilachand Honors College events such as Open House luncheons, Information Sessions, and Parents Weekend events.

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are juniors and seniors who help freshmen navigate academic, extracurricular, and social opportunities at Kilachand Honors College and Boston University. From their first communication with incoming students during the first week of classes, advisors offer support and assistance to their advisees as they navigate the first year. Each Peer Advisor works with a group of advisees, within Kilachand Hall or Kilachand House, matched by extracurricular and academic interests. Peer Advisors meet with their advisees both individually and in groups in order to help them make the most of what Boston University and Kilachand have to offer. Peer Advisors build community through study breaks and other Kilachand social events. Peer advisors are part of the first-year advising network comprising academic advisors, resident assistants, and the resident director.

Kilachand in the City

Kilachand Honors College’s community service program, Kilachand in the City, is one of the many opportunities within the Honors College that enables students to become actively integrated into the city of Boston. Kilachand in the City provides opportunities to learn about Boston’s people, places, and heritage while giving back to the city’s wonderful and diverse community.

Kilachand Leadership Advisory Board (K-LAB)

Kilachand Leadership Advisory Board (K-LAB) is charged with facilitating discussions about how Kilachand can become a more effective and diverse living-learning community and educational experience. K-LAB members represent and advocate for the interests and ideas of their class and develop recommendations that will help the College achieve the goal of offering an innovative and fulfilling liberal arts education for all Kilachand students. K-LAB is composed of three representatives elected from each class.