KHC PY 101

Ours is an energy intensive society. American energy consumption per capita is now over ten times what it was when our nation was founded, and the rest of the world is rapidly following our example. This is leading to increasingly severe worldwide problems such as the growing competition for scarce resources including fossil fuels (today's principal sources of energy by far) but also fresh water, agricultural land and mineral resources. Many countries face ever more severe problems of pollution, congestion, drought, and the growing effects of global climate change. The goals of this seminar are to examine the physical principles underlying the production, distribution and consumption of energy and to use this knowledge to explore and discuss such issues as energy conservation, public transport, the so-called hydrogen economy, electric and hybrid vehicles, nuclear power and carbon sequestration, as well as to evaluate the feasibility of various alternative sources of energy sources. During the Seminar, we anticipate freewheeling conversations relating to various energy-related issues, such as: Are we running out of oil? What is the evidence for anthropically caused Global Warming? What can be done to prevent (or prepare for) it? Can part or all of the problem be solved by alternative power sources? Is it feasible to capture and sequester the CO2 produced by fossil power plants? How important is it to conserve energy?

FALL 2017 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Glashow KHC 114 TR 2:00 pm-3:15 pm Khc Freshmen

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