MA in Physics

Students admitted to the PhD program may opt for a master’s degree en route to the PhD if they satisfy the appropriate requirements, but initially students may not apply for a master’s degree alone.

Course Requirements

Eight courses (32 credits) are required, with grades of B– or higher while maintaining a B average in the core lecture courses listed below (PY 501, PY 511, PY 512, PY 521, PY 541). Course requirements are as follows:

  • Five must be lecture courses numbered between 500 and 850, including:
    • CAS PY 501 Mathematical Physics
    • CAS PY 511 Quantum Mechanics I
    • CAS PY 512 Quantum Mechanics II
    • CAS PY 521 Electromagnetic Theory I
    • CAS PY 541 Statistical Mechanics I
  • CAS PY 581 Advanced Laboratory (or an approved waiver of this course)
  • GRS PY 961 Scholarly Methods in Physics I (must be taken in first year)

Up to three non-lecture courses (numbered above 850) may be counted toward the course requirements, but with no more than one directed study course and one seminar course.

Language Requirement

There is no foreign language requirement for this degree.