Graduate Division of Religious Studies

New applications for graduate studies in Religious Studies are no longer being accepted. Students interested in this field may wish to consider the Graduate Program in Religion, found here.

The Graduate Division of Religious Studies (GDRS) consists of a broad and diverse faculty of distinguished experts in various religions, eastern and western, ancient and modern. It also applies a broad array of disciplinary methods to religious and theological study. The faculty includes experts trained in religious and theological studies as well as anthropologists, historians, literary scholars, and philosophers—all devoted to understanding the impact that religion has had and continues to have in human society.

The current GDRS curriculum highlights the talents of the current GDRS faculty. The work of the GDRS faculty is methodologically rigorous and is frequently either explicitly comparative in nature or otherwise situated at the intersections of religious traditions and disparate cultures (e.g., ancient Judaism and Christian Origins; Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism in India).

Visit the GDRS website for more detailed information about the core and affiliated faculty of the GDRS.

The Division’s facilities consist of a fully furnished, wireless-accessible lounge with a discussion room, the Teaching Fellow office, and a computer lab to foster community among the graduate students. This space was designed both for informal gathering and academic study and research needs.