Shariah Law

GRS RN 645

  • Ethical Reasoning
  • Oral and/or Signed Communication
  • Research and Information Literacy

Shariah Law looks behind the stereotypes and headlines--despotic rulers, barbaric punishments, women's oppression--to understand the origins, history, and structure of Islamic law. Explores its implementation in various times and places, modern transformations, and contemporary debates over legal reform. Effective Spring 2022, this course fulfills a single unit in each of the following BU Hub areas: Oral and/or Signed Communication, Ethical Reasoning, Research and Information Literacy.

SPRG 2024 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Ali STH B20 TR 12:30 pm-1:45 pm Mts w/CAS RN345
Mts w/STH TX845

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