Symbolic Logic

GRS PH 633

  • Philosophical Inquiry and Life's Meanings
  • Quantitative Reasoning I
  • Critical Thinking

A survey of the concepts and principles of symbolic logic: valid and invalid arguments, logical relations of statements and their basis in structural features of statements, analysis of the logical structure of complex statements of ordinary discourse, and the use of a symbolic language to display logical structure and to facilitate methods for assessing the logical structure of arguments. We cover the analysis of reasoning with truth-functions. Effective Spring 2018, this course fulfills a single unit in each of the following BU Hub areas: Philosophical Inquiry and Life's Meanings, Quantitative Reasoning I, Critical Thinking.

FALL 2023 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Westberg CAS 426 TR 12:30 pm-1:45 pm Mts w/CAS PH360

SPRG 2024 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
A1 Westberg CDS 263 TR 3:30 pm-4:45 pm Mts w/CAS PH360

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