The Vesalius Certificate in the Neurobiology of Education

The Vesalius Certificate is typically awarded through a three-course module as part of the MA in Anatomy & Neurobiology—Vesalius Program. Students typically start these courses during their first year of study.

The Vesalius Certificate is also available as part of the PhD program in Anatomy & Neurobiology and, with permission from the program director, to any student in the GMS program. For more information on how the program fits in with other degree programs see the Anatomy & Neurobiology Department site.

The certificate consists of three courses: one in the development of teaching skills in the biomedical sciences, followed by two practica courses that consist of one-on-one mentoring with experienced and award-winning faculty.

  • GMS AN 806 Teaching in the Biomedical Sciences (2 cr)
  • GMS AN 804 Structured Teaching Practicum (2 cr)
  • GMS AN 805 Mentored Teaching Practicum (var cr)