Global Mental Health: Barbados

GMS MH 719

This course will focus on the global burden of mental health needs and the role/function of mental health research and clinical practice. Learners will examine global mental health from a critical lens from the perspectives of anthropologists, mental health counselors and counselor educators. This course has two main components; the didactic portion (online and in class) as well as the study abroad/service learning experience in Barbados over the scheduled Spring Break. In addition to the intensive and immersive cross-cultural experience in Barbados, the course will explore several key issues in global mental health including the challenges of cross-cultural diagnosis, the cultural shaping of emotional distress and mental illness, and the role of power and politics in shaping the identification of and responses to mental health problems. The course will strengthen students' awareness of the complex issues related to mental health care in diverse international settings. Learners will be asked to think and write critically, reflect upon, and discuss the challenging issues surrounding efforts to expand evidence-based mental health services globally.

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