Critical Evaluation of the Medical Literature

GMS CI 789

Prereq: GMS CI 675 Designing Clinical Research Studies. The goal of this course is to provide students experience in reading and evaluating current literature that may be pertinent to the origination, design, implementation and evaluation of clinical research. The course is conducted in a seminar-type format. Each week, students read and critically analyze assigned readings of recent literature which may be relevant to clinical research about human diseases. Students present their reviews of the assigned article and then lead the discussion during which the entire class participates. This format provides an opportunity to learn to critically evaluate the scientific literature and to develop presentation skills. Students will also be required to write three article critiques. Pairs of articles will be available for critique, each pair consisting of an article from the biomedical literature and a corresponding article from the newspaper or internet. Students will learn that nothing is as it always appears to be, especially in clinical research. Hess-Pino. 4 cr, Spring sem.

SPRG 2022 Schedule

Section Instructor Location Schedule Notes
OL Hess Pino ROOM ARR TBD-TBD Stamped Approval
Online Class
Permission req.
On-line course

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