Tae Kwon Do, Intermediate

PDP MA 203

Students who have completed Beginners Tae Kwon Do course or have prior experience in Tae Kwon Do or related martial arts, can continue training in Intermediate Tae Kwon Do. In Intermediate Tae Kwon Do, students will continue to train whole body and mental fitness as in Beginners Tae Kwon Do, and at a higher level and higher intensity of training in strength and conditioning, flexibility, and endurance. Students will also learn more advanced and finer basic upper body and lower body techniques, in forms, stances, punches, blocks, strikes, kicks, spinning kicks, jumping kicks; sparring techniques and strategies, forms, and self-defense. The practice of Tae Kwon Do develops character through courtesy, self-control, discipline, self-confidence, patience, physical fitness, attention, mental alertness, leadership, humility, perseverance, and respect.

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