Exceptions to Rules and Requirements

College of Engineering Policy

Undergraduate Policy

To request a waiver of an academic regulation or requirement, a Petition must be submitted. The petition must clearly state what is being requested and the reason(s) for the request. Petitions should be discussed with the student’s faculty advisor and require the advisor’s recommendation and signature. Completed petitions must be submitted to the Undergraduate Programs office. Submitted petitions are reviewed by both the department and the Associate Dean. Students are notified of the outcome, usually within three weeks. Unusual requests may take longer. Petition forms are available from the Undergraduate Programs office, ERB 107.

Graduate Policy

Exceptions to College of Engineering graduate policies can be made only by the College Graduate Committee. Any student wishing to obtain an exception should address a petition to the committee with full documentation, and the petition should be signed by the appropriate faculty advisor and department associate chair or division associate head.