Academic Progress and Graduation

University Policy

College of Engineering Policy


The BS degree requires 130 to 136 semester credits of prescribed curricular courses, depending on the program selected. In addition to satisfying all BS degree requirements as listed below, a minimum of 48 credits of coursework must be taken at Boston University in the upper-division program. The upper-division program consists of the program requirements and/or program electives as listed below for the junior and senior years. Social science, humanities, and/or writing courses taken during the junior or senior years cannot be counted toward this requirement.

No more than 12 credits with a grade of D may be applied toward a degree. This graduation requirement applies only to the set of courses presented for graduation and not to all courses that appear on the transcript. In addition, a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (excluding PDP courses) for all courses taken at Boston University is required.

Students who have transferred courses from another college or university and have satisfied all program requirements, but are deficient in the required number of credit hours to graduate, are required to make up the deficiency by taking an academic course which carries Boston University credit, with the exception of PDP courses, and which is graded on the basis of A, B, C, or D. Courses graded Pass/Fail are not acceptable. Duplicate course credit and courses below the level of the minimum degree requirements cannot be used to fulfill this credit deficiency. A minimum of 24 credits in the social sciences and humanities is required. A credit deficiency in the mathematics and natural science requirements must be satisfied by a mathematics or natural science course. A credit deficiency in an engineering course must be satisfied by engineering credit. A minimum of 32 credits in mathematics and natural science is required.

A credit deficiency in the social science and humanities requirement must be satisfied by a social science or humanities course, or by a modern foreign language course for non-native speakers.

A graduation application must be submitted to the Undergraduate Records office at least six months prior to the date of graduation. The applicant is required to have a formal graduation review with the Undergraduate Records office. This is to ensure that all curricular and credit requirements have been, or will be, met in time for graduation.