Division of Emerging Media Studies

Emerging Media Studies is a multidisciplinary field. It integrates critical analysis, creativity, and communication into strategic thinking applicable to business, entertainment, education, and other organizations. Using research to examine how social networks, new media, and virtual worlds intersect, emerging media studies aids in understanding every level of society. Located within the College of Communication, our programs address the importance of understanding the social and cultural implications of an increasingly connected world. To do this we draw on disciplines as wide ranging as media studies, communication, psychology, art, history, writing, philosophy, economics, and sociology.


The Division of Emerging Media Studies offers an MA and PhD in Emerging Media Studies.

MA in Emerging Media Studies

The MA in Emerging Media Studies provides instruction on new and emerging media from the perspectives of technology studies and social science. Students will be exposed to the latest research and thinking on big data, analytical techniques for social media, and the role of public policy for optimal deployment of new communication technology.

PhD in Emerging Media Studies

The PhD in Emerging Media Studies creates sophisticated researchers and critical thinkers who are ready to pave the way in roles of communication, sociological, and media leadership. Designed for students with a master’s degree, the 68-credit program can be completed in three years of full-time study, including summers.