Study Abroad

Boston University Study Abroad offers College of General Studies students three unique opportunities to study abroad the summer after freshman year and fall of sophomore year.

Summer Study

Natural Sciences in London

The London CGS Natural Sciences Program (Summer), a six-week, eight-credit, program, is designed to use the museums and historic sites in and around London to complement the classroom. The two natural science courses will enhance student understanding of science by providing a hands-on historical approach to the acquisition of knowledge in the sciences. Studying the history and practice of a scientific discipline on location and in context will enhance both learning and appreciation of the scientific theories.

The two courses in this program will replace the fall natural science requirement (NS 201) and the spring natural science requirement (NS 202).

Humanities in London

The London CGS Humanities Program (Summer), a six-week, eight-credit program, uses the museums, parks, theaters, and famous homes of London and surrounding areas to extend and enrich classroom instruction in literature, art, and philosophy. Together the program’s two courses will develop students’ understanding of major movements in the arts and philosophy while honing their appreciation of both. The courses will also enhance students’ understanding of how the humanities reflect and affect the social, political, and scientific contexts in which they are produced and shape how we think of ourselves as humans.

These two courses will replace the humanities course required in the spring semester of the freshman year (HU 102) and the fall semester of the sophomore year (HU 201).

Fall Study in London

The London College of General Studies Program (Fall) provides a unique opportunity for first-semester sophomores to study in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. Over the course of the 15-week program, students will take the CGS core curriculum (History of Western Ethics; Evolution and Biodiversity; Revolutions in China and Russia) along with one four-credit elective and a three-credit British culture course for a total of 19 credits. Excursions to museums, theaters, and historical sites in surrounding towns and cities complement the curriculum.