Artisan Certificate in Stage Management

Our Artisan Certificate programs are designed for students who have completed a BA or BFA and are proficient in their craft but seek to enhance their artistic and technical experience in order to gain employment in leadership roles in the profession. The emphasis on training is geared to those who do not wish to pursue an MFA but find that they are in need of additional refinement of skill, experience and collaboration in a professional conservatory setting.

Our program seeks to:

  • Enhance artistic expression, communication, and production skills through hands-on, mentored production experience within a wide range of production opportunities and classroom instruction.
  • Explore and enhance creative collaborations with directors, actors, designers, and playwrights.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of professional working methods and standards.

Curriculum Highlights

  • In-depth classroom instruction in artistic, practical, and skills applications of production for the art of theatre.
  • Production opportunities in multiple venues and multiple genres including the opportunity to work on productions with companies through our Professional Theatre Initiative (PTI).
  • The option of internships with leading regional theatres, shops, and Professional Theatre Initiative (PTI) affiliates.

Program of Study (minimum of 24 credits)

First Year 1st 2nd
CFA TH 099 Matinee 0 0
CFA TH 553 & 554 Colloquium 1 1
CFA TH 697 & 698 Production 1 1
CFA TH 163 Drafting 1 1
CFA TH 521 Ds Acting 1 3
CFA TH 194 Intro to Stage Management 2
CFA TH 512 Ds Voice & Speech 2
PD PER 100 First Aid .5
Total 6.5 6
Second Year
CFA TH 099 Matinee 0 0
CFA TH 553 & 554 Colloquium 1 1
CFA TH 797 & 798 Production 1 1
CFA TH 631 Ds Movement: Armed Combat 2
CFA TH 632 Ds Movement: Unarmed Combat 2
CFA TH 240 Beginning Directing 2
CFA TH 340 Directing 2
Total 6 6