MFA in Sculpture

Students in the graduate painting and sculpture departments undertake a full-time, 60-credit program designed to enhance their development as professional artists. Students are encouraged to develop individuality of vision and expression, and to adhere to a strong tradition of the pursuit of excellence in fine arts. Interacting with fellow students, a distinguished faculty, and many visiting artists further enriches the educational experience.

Sculptors and painters share seminars and group critiques and all students are required to take liberal arts and studio electives. The close proximity and accessibility of individual studio spaces creates a setting in which students share ideas, techniques, and processes. Each student also determines and develops a body of work that is presented in a master’s thesis exhibition.


The Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture program fosters student exploration of personal expression through diverse media and stylistic forms. Work in the program ranges from intense observation to imagination and invention and reflects various philosophical and artistic points of view. The members of the sculpture faculty encourage independence of thought and aesthetic sensibility. Sculpture students meet with their faculty for intensive weekly discussions focused on their own vision and on the exploration of technical possibilities. Boston University also has facilities for the more traditional methods of clay, plaster, wax, welding, wood, and stone.

Sculpture Curriculum

Graduate Sculpture (CFA AR 821, 822, 823, 824) 36 cr
Graduate Seminar/Discussion (CFA AR 843, 844, 845, 846) 12 cr
Liberal Arts elective (GRS or CAS, 500 level or above) 4 cr
Art or General electives 8 cr
Total 60 cr