Minor in Dance

The dance minor at Boston University is a collaboration between the School of Theatre and the Department of Dance. It is designed to enhance a student’s preparedness for a number of multidisciplinary fields, including dance ethnology, dance history, movement therapy, musical theater, movement education, and arts administration. For those who wish to pursue dance performance or choreography as a career, or who wish to apply to graduate programs in dance, the dance minor will serve as verification of their skill level and commitment to this field of study.

In order to receive a minor in dance, students will be required to complete 20 credits in dance theory, studio, and performance classes.

Required Courses (14 credit hours)

CFA Choreography (choose one):
CFA TH 334 Principles of Choreography (Spring Semester) or
CFA TH 433 Choreography and Design: Experiments in Movement and Light (Fall Semester)
2 cr
CFA TH 545 T1 Directed Study w/ Micki Taylor-Pinney
CFA TH 139 20th Century Dance History (Fall Semester) 2 cr
CFA TH 239 Aesthetics of Dance (Spring Semester) 2 cr
PDP DA 400/CFA TH 337 or 447 Performance and Repertory (credits vary by course) var cr
Dance Technique Classes
(minimum of four genres; two at int./adv. level; two at any level)
(Letter grade of A required in Low Intermediate classes to meet requirement.)
4 cr
Choose from (1 credit each):
Ballet 1 cr
Modern 1 cr
Tap 1 cr
Movement Improvisation 1 cr

Elective Courses (minimum 6 credit hours)

PDP DA Dance Classes Technique classes in addition to those listed above:

Dance Classes
Pilates 1 cr
Hip Hop 1 cr
Ballroom .5 cr
Afro-Jazz 1 cr
Cardio Jazz Funk 1 cr
PDP MA Martial Arts
Tai Chi or other Martial Arts 1 cr
PDP MB Mind/Body
Yoga and Zen Meditation 1 cr
PDP NT Nutrition
Nutrition .5 or 1 cr
CFA TH XXX  Most studio courses in acting and movement, including Movement I, II, III, and IV, movement for non-majors, history of theatre, and design/production courses and Directed Study Movement courses
in School of Theatre
2–6 cr
CFA MU 101 Music Theory 3 cr
CFA MU 111, 112 Elements of Music Theory for non-majors 4 cr
CFA MU 119 or 120 Music Appreciation 2 cr
CAS AN 326/WS 305 Performing Gender: Drama, Dance, Film, and Feminism 4 cr
SAR HS 342 Exercise Physiology 4 cr
SAR HS 369 Gross Human Anatomy 4 cr
SED PE 103 Intro to Human Movement 2 cr
SED PE 507 Structure and Function of the Human Body for Educators 2 cr
TOTAL for Dance Minor 20 cr

Dance minors must register for the XA sections of their PERD dance courses by sending a request to mtaypin@bu.edu. The XA sections are graded. All other sections for PERD courses are pass/fail. Instructors will be grading the non-minor students in their grade books only. The department will keep these records in the event a student is eligible or interested in the dance minor at a later date.

The remaining credits are taken from an approved list of classes, including dance techniques classes, School of Theatre movement classes, and general theatre arts classes.

For additional information, please visit the dance minor website or email budance@bu.edu.