Double Majors

Double Majors within the Bachelor of Music program

It is possible to elect a double major within the School of Music. Students must complete all courses required in each field. Such a course of study may be completed in five years or in four years with summer study and requires approval by the Undergraduate Studies Committee. Possible double majors consist of:

  • Performance/Musicology
  • Performance/Music Education
  • Performance/Composition & Music Theory
  • Music Education/Musicology
  • Music Education/Composition & Music Theory
  • Musicology/Composition & Music Theory

Double Majors within the Master of Music program

The School of Music offers double majors within the MM programs. Various combinations are possible, such as performance combined with music education, music theory, composition, or musicology. Applicants for admission to the double major programs must meet all admission and program requirements for both programs of study. Students approved for double majors have faculty advisors from each area of study.