Five-Year BFA/MA in Art Education with Initial License

Undergraduate students who wish to major in graphic design, painting, printmaking, or sculpture but would also like to obtain state licensure to teach art in the public schools can combine an undergraduate studio art major (BFA) with a Master of Arts (MA) in Art Education with Initial License. This master’s program includes all licensure requirements.

Combining the BFA and MA programs can be accomplished in five years by taking liberal arts electives during summer sessions. This program meets the standards set forth in the Massachusetts regulations for both initial and ensuing professional licensure.

Recommended Program of Study

The following courses are needed to meet state licensing requirements and should be taken during the BFA degree as electives. They do not count toward the MA degree.

Technology course 4 cr
CAS PS 101 General Psychology 4 cr
CFA AR 470 Ceramics 4 cr
Photography course 4 cr
Printmaking course 4 cr

The following courses are required for the MA in Art Education with Initial License degree and are taken during undergraduate study. They total 20 credits and may be taken as soon as the foundation requirements have been completed. These 20 credits do not apply to the BFA degree; they are held in reserve until the student enters the graduate program. There is flexibility in the course progression for students who wish to study abroad.

Sophomore Year
CFA AR 586 Child Growth and Development (Fall only) 4 cr
CFA AR 864 Elementary Methods of Art Education (Fall only) 4 cr
CFA AR 866 Secondary Methods of Art Education (Spring only) 4 cr
Junior Year
CFA AR 559 Contemporary Issues in Art Education (Fall only) 2 cr
CFA AR 567 Special Populations (Spring only) 2 cr
Senior Year
CFA AR 566 Processes and Structures (Spring only) 4 cr

The fifth year of the program is taken as a graduate student in the MA in Art Education with Initial License program and follows the completion of the BFA in graphic design, painting, printmaking, or sculpture.

Fifth Year
CFA AR 563 Practicum Seminar Pre-K–8 2 cr
CFA AR 765 Practicum Pre-K–8 4 cr
CFA AR 564 Practicum Seminar 5–12 2 cr
CFA AR 766 Practicum 5–12 4 cr
CFA AR 865 Visual Arts Pre-K–12 Curriculum Design and Writing 4 cr
CFA AR 767 Clinical Practicum 4 cr
CFA AR 861 Pro Seminar 2 cr