Hindi-Urdu courses (CAS LN) are for students who seek to become proficient in the Hindi-Urdu language and acquire a good grasp of South Asian culture. Our curriculum emphasizes proficiency in all four skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. In our teaching, we make extensive use of authentic materials ranging from short stories and poetry to Bollywood films. The first four semesters provide students with a solid foundation in grammar and culture. The Urdu script is introduced in the third semester. Fifth-semester Hindi and Urdu are advanced-level courses that focus on each language separately.

Courses we offer in English translation on South Asian literature and film are open to any interested undergraduates and may be taken toward fulfillment of requirements for the major in Asian Studies. Study Abroad is encouraged for the development of language proficiency and cultural competence. For information of recommended programs in South Asia, contact Boston University Study Abroad’s External Programs office.

Four semesters of Hindi-Urdu language courses are offered (CAS LN 111212). Successful completion of LN 212 fulfills the College of Arts & Sciences foreign language requirement.

Information on the Asian Studies major can be found in the BA in Asian Studies section of this Bulletin.