Minor in Holocaust & Genocide Studies

Holocaust & Genocide Studies examine the causes, processes, and consequences of the attempted annihilation of an ethnic, religious, and/or racial group. The study of such topics as the role and nature of the perpetrator state, the impact of virulent nationalism and propaganda, racism and prejudice, and humanitarian assistance to genocide survivors, among many other related topics, necessarily requires a multidisciplinary approach. Accordingly, the Minor in Holocaust & Genocide Studies engages students with various disciplines, including history, political science, international relations, law, literature, and religion. The program also introduces students to the various institutional means available for the prevention of genocide and other crimes against humanity, for the cultivation of good relations among ethnic, racial, national, and religious groups, and for the effective management of tensions among them.

The principal objective of the minor is to provide students with the intellectual tools to analyze the multifaceted social, economic, cultural, civil, and political components of society under a genocidal regime and the closely interconnected domestic and international environments in which such a regime operates. Further, the student develops proficiency in analyzing government-citizen relations, including the extent to which individuals, societies, and domestic and international NGOs can intervene to prevent genocide. Completion of the Minor in Holocaust & Genocide Studies helps prepare students for graduate studies in history, political science, law, literature, and religion, as well as careers in social and governmental service.


A total of six courses are required, all completed with a grade of C or higher: two core courses for all students in the minor, plus four electives to be chosen in consultation with the student’s minor advisor:

Required courses (may be taken in either order)

  • One Holocaust core course (CAS RN 384 The Holocaust)
  • One Genocide core course (CAS HI 384 History of Genocide)


  • One elective in Holocaust Studies
  • One elective in Genocide Studies
  • Two additional electives

All currently approved electives for the Minor in Holocaust & Genocide Studies are listed here. Prior approval of the minor advisor is required to count any other course as an elective toward the minor.