BA in Mathematics & Computer Science

Mathematics, statistics, and computer science are the subjects making up the “Mathematical Sciences.”  The Joint Major in Mathematics & Computer Science allows students to explore all of these related disciplines and is appropriate for mathematics majors with an interest in applications in computer science and computer science majors wishing to have more breadth in foundations and applications.


Principal Courses

Unless otherwise noted, all required courses are 4 credit hours.

Lower Division

  • CAS MA 123 and MA 124 Calculus I & II or one of the following:
    • ·CAS MA 127 Enriched Calculus, MA 129 Honors Calculus, or equivalent
  • CAS MA 225 Multivariate Calculus or MA 230 Honors-Level Vector Calculus
  • CAS MA 242 Linear Algebra or MA 442 Honors Level Linear Algebra
  • CAS MA 293 Discrete Mathematics
  • CAS MA 294 Applied Abstract Algebra
  • CAS CS 111 and CS 112 Introduction to Computer Science I & II, or equivalent
  • CAS CS 210 Computer Systems

 Upper Division

  • CAS CS 330 Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms
  • CAS CS 332 Elements of the Theory of Computation
  • CAS CS 350 Fundamentals of Computing Systems
  • two additional computer science courses numbered above CS 400
  • one two-course sequence selected from:
    • CAS MA 531–532 Mathematical Logic/Foundations of Mathematics
    • CAS MA 541–542 Modern Algebra I & II
    • CAS MA 555–556 Numerical Analysis I & II
    • CAS MA 569–570 Optimization Methods of Operations Research/Stochastic Methods of Operations Research
  • two additional MA courses numbered above MA 200

Mathematics & Computer Science majors should have advisors in both the Mathematics & Statistics Department and the Computer Science Department.