BA/MA in Energy & Environmental Analysis

The BA/MA program in Energy & Environmental Analysis offered through the Center for Energy & Environmental Studies is a blend of the undergraduate experience and graduate study leading to increased career opportunities, professional training, or advanced graduate work. The program provides qualified juniors and seniors an opportunity to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in one coherent program.

The program is open to both Environmental Science and Environmental Analysis & Policy BA majors. The MA is awarded in Energy & Environmental Analysis.


Students in this BA/MA program, in consultation with their BA/MA faculty advisor, develop a plan of study that focuses on greater depth and integration of concepts.

The total number of required courses is 38 (152 credits), of which 10 must be at the graduate level (500 or above). This minimizes duplication of coursework while ensuring that students complete a full BA experience and a full MA experience, including theses or capstone components.

Students receive the BA and MA degrees simultaneously. Pursuing a second undergraduate major is allowed only by petition to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS) upon application to the BA/MA program. Courses taken for graduate credit must be completed with a grade of B− or above.

The departmental BA/MA statement and further information are available from the directors of undergraduate studies or graduate studies.

For general information, please refer to the BA/Master’s Programs section of this Bulletin.