Minor in Computer Science

Computers and computation play an important role in many areas of intellectual inquiry, as well as in society generally; a minor in Computer Science can enhance the value of a wide variety of majors.

All student minors develop their programs in consultation with an advisor.


A minor in Computer Science requires completion, with a grade of C or higher, of six 4-credit courses chosen as follows:

  • any two of CAS CS 111, 112, 131, 132, 210, 235, 237
  • three CAS CS courses numbered 300 or higher
  • one additional CAS CS course (excluding CS 101), or, with prior approval by the CAS Computer Science Department, another computational course

More detailed information is available on the departmental website.

Related Courses

In special cases, a student, with consent of the instructor, may petition the undergraduate director to count courses other than those specified above. Attention is called to the following: CS courses numbered 600 and above; the 500-level courses in mathematics (MA); the 500-level courses in cognitive & neural systems (CN); and the computer engineering courses offered by the College of Engineering (ENG).