Department of Romance Studies

The Department of Romance Studies focuses its research and teaching on the Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese) and on their literatures and cultures, including Latin America and the Francophone world. It also co-sponsors several joint majors, combining French, Italian, or Spanish with linguistics. Majors may combine their coursework with study abroad and international internships and acquire insight into other cultures and into the nature of language. The BA prepares students for the encounter with cultural difference in an increasingly global workplace.

College of Arts & Sciences Second Language Requirement

Please refer to the Second Language Requirement section of the Bulletin for information on Romance language courses that meet the College of Arts & Sciences second language requirement.

Majors and Minors in Romance Studies

Majors and minors are offered in French, Italian, Portuguese & Brazilian Cultural Studies (minor only), and Spanish. Joint majors in French & Linguistics, Italian & Linguistics, and Spanish & Linguistics are also available. Language and literature majors frequently prepare themselves for careers or advanced study in international relations, education, journalism, and teaching. Language and linguistics majors also receive training useful for careers in information technology, psychology, communications, philosophy, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence. Students in premedical and prelaw programs find the major and minor in language and literature or linguistics a satisfying way to broaden their programs of study.


The department encourages students, whatever their major, to obtain the greatest benefit from their foreign language requirement by pursuing a minor in their chosen language. Advanced courses increase proficiency in that language, present the great works and epochs of the literature, and acquaint students with the contemporary culture and with that culture’s roots in the past.

Courses in Other Departments and Programs

Students are encouraged to consult the offerings of related departments, such as Linguistics, World Languages & Literatures, Classical Studies, and English.

Geddes Language Center

The Geddes Language Center, on the fifth floor of 685 Commonwealth Avenue, includes language laboratories, specially equipped classrooms, studios, theaters, workspaces, production facilities, and libraries of audiovisual materials. These facilities provide a great language learning resource for our students and are utilized by many courses for both required and supplementary work.

Second Language Specialty Community Residences

French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish communities within Global House enable majors, minors, and students taking courses in one of these languages to use the language daily and to strengthen their knowledge of the language and culture of the countries.

Boston University Study Abroad Programs in Buenos Aires, Geneva, Grenoble, Madrid, Padua, Paris, and Quito

These programs feature intensive language courses as well as literature, film, civilization, and other courses. Detailed information is available from BU’s Study Abroad and Internship Programs.