University Policy

School of Medicine Policy

First- and Second-Year Students

Final Course and Clerkship Grades

A student will not be promoted with any Fail, Withdraw, or Incomplete grades in required courses. A student will be subject to dismissal from BUSM for:

  • Two or more Fail grades within one academic year
  • After re-examination, any Fail grade within one academic year

Remediation of Course Grades by Reexaminations

A single round of re-examinations will be administered before the start of the second or third curricular years at a time selected and coordinated by the Academic Affairs office and the Course Directors. A student with two or more Fail grades must petition the SEPC for permission to remediate the courses.

USMLE Step 1

Each student must pass USMLE Step 1 Examination to be promoted to the fourth curricular year and to graduate from BUSM. Any student who fails USMLE Step 1 for the first time may finish the current rotation. The student’s course of study will then stop until Step 1 has been re-taken, after which the student may re-enter the curriculum. If the student fails Step 1 a second time, the student must leave the curriculum and may not re-enter until the student passes Step 1. If a student fails USMLE Step 1 three times, the SEPC may dismiss the student.

Third- and Fourth-Year Students

USMLE Step 2

Each student must take USMLE Step II, CK, and CS by November 1 of the academic year in which the student is graduating. Any student who plans to apply for residency must take the Step II Clinical Skills (CS) and Clinical Knowledge (CK).

All students must have registered and scheduled dates for their USMLE Step II:

  • Clinical Skills exam by January 31 of the year prior to the student’s projected graduation
  • Clinical Knowledge exam by May 1 of the year prior to the student’s projected graduation

Remediation of a Fail Grade

A student must remediate any Fail grade in a clinical clerkship, rotation, or elective, according to the requirements established by the clerkship, rotation, or elective at a clerkship or rotation site within the BUSM system approved by the Clerkship or Rotation Director.

  • Remediation of a Fail grade in any clinical clerkship, rotation, or elective should not be allowed to compromise a student’s efforts in any other course or rotation being taken for academic credit
  • No student will be allowed to repeat any clerkship, rotation, or elective more than once without SEPC approval

Timing of Third-Year Grade Remediation

All third-year Fail and Incomplete grades must be remediated before a student is eligible for promotion to the fourth year. A student must remediate all third-year grades at the beginning of the fourth curricular year at the earliest possible date, depending on availability.