Introduction to Clinical Medicine 1 (A & B)

MED MS 125

In the fall semester, the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course provides medical students with an opportunity to interview real patients and to observe their peers interviewing patients. Conducting a medical interview is an essential skill for physicians. This course will help medical students learn to develop empathic listening, to establish rapport, and to be able to ask open and closed ended questions. It is also important to learn how to present clinical findings to peers and fourth-year medical students or attending physicians. In the second semester students have a core and an experiential curriculum to further their interviewing skills and introduce basic physical examination skills. There are three lectures, seven small group sessions/physical exam workshops, nine online learning modules and 10 visits to a clinical site. For the clinical site experience each student spends ten sessions shadowing a clinician-mentor in a clinical setting. The experience is meant to introduce the student to the practice of medicine (broadly defined) and allows the student to practice targeted parts of the medical interview and physical exam. At the end of the semester all students participate in a one case OSCE (Objective Standardized Clinical Examination) with a standardized patient where they take a history, do a targeted portion of the physical exam, do a graded write up and receive formative feedback.

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