Students in the field of education have the opportunity to gain international teaching experience through Boston University’s School of Education Program. Students complete a four-credit core course on Australian Culture and Society during the first six weeks of the semester while completing a 10-credit teaching practicum. The Boston University Study Abroad Sydney site combines student apartment suites, classrooms, offices, a library, computer facilities, and a lounge space. During their time in Australia, students will live in single bedrooms in fully furnished suites of three to four bedrooms.

  • All students must enroll according to, and remain in compliance with, the Boston University Study Abroad Course Load Policy.
  • Boston University students only
  • Non-US citizens must contact BU Study Abroad prior to submitting an application before March 15. Obtaining visas may not be possible for applications received after this date, especially those from non-Commonwealth countries.
  • Admissions requirements for all programs

Required Course

All students in the Internship Program take this course during the first six weeks. Note: Syllabi are for course approval and reference only. Students will receive up-to-date syllabi when their courses begin.

  • CAS AN 368 Australian Culture and Society
    • An analysis of Australia from historical, geographical, political, economic, and sociocultural perspectives, with a major focus on Australia's global and domestic development as a multicultural nation with European roots, traditional Western alliances, and a growing involvement in the Asia-Pacific region. This course requires each student to complete an extensive ethnographic research project.
    • Syllabus

The Global Learning Experience: An Online Course

Students in all Fall and Spring programs have the opportunity to enroll in The Global Learning Experience at no additional cost.

  • CAS IP101 The Global Learning Experience (1 credit)
    • All program participants have the opportunity to make the most of their semester abroad with The Global Learning Experience, a self-paced, Pass/Fail course with brief readings and experiential assignments that accompany them while living and studying in a country and culture different from their own. Students post their work, experiences and observations to an online platform to trace and articulate their achievements abroad from an academic, personal and professional standpoint. The course links students with the faculty instructors as well as peers studying on other BU Study Abroad programs around the world. Students earn one credit in addition to the total program credits mentioned below at no additional cost.
    • Syllabus
Program Residence 

  • Students have single, furnished rooms, in 3–4 person suites with a shared kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, and common area with a television. They are provided with bedding, a bath towel, and wash cloth. There is a microwave in the kitchen which can also be used to bake. There is a mall a short walk away where students can purchase kitchen supplies, home goods, and groceries.
  • Board is not included/no stipend
  • No dining hall availability
  • Library and classrooms in the same building for students to use
  • 24 hr. security, a roof deck for students to hang out, a fully-stocked library with computers, classrooms in the same building


  • Fall Semester: mid August to mid December

Please note: This program only runs during the Fall semester.

  • Fall Semester: March 15