Offered in collaboration with the Department of Archaeology of Boston University, the Menorca Field School in Archaeological Heritage Management (Summer) is a five-week program, open to graduate and undergraduate students, that provides an intensive introduction to contemporary principles and practices of preserving the world’s cultural heritage. Through a combination of class lectures, field visits, and hands-on heritage projects on the island of Menorca, Spain, students explore how cultural heritage is identified, evaluated, preserved, and presented. No Spanish language skills are required,

  • Open to both graduate and undergraduate students
  • No Spanish language skills are required
  • Admission requirements for all programs

Required Courses

Students enroll in both of the following courses:

  • AR 580 Studies in Archaeological Heritage Management: Cultural Heritage of Menorca
    • Introduction to global heritage management in the context of the history and heritage of Menorca, Spain, run in coordination with AR 556. Students explore themes in heritage management, including values and significance of cultural sites and objects; stakeholder communities; principles and practice of heritage management; local, national, and international contexts, laws, and regulations; the World Heritage Convention and biosphere reserves; conservation, site management, and cultural tourism; looting and protection of archaeological resources; heritage during armed conflict; and museums as venues for heritage curation, interpretation, and education. (For BU undergraduate Archaeology majors, this course fulfills a topical requirement).
  • AR 556 Archaeological Field Research Experience
    • Field study program in heritage management, held in Menorca and run together with AR 580. Students explore heritage management issues through supervised field trips to museums, archaeological sites, historic monuments, and other cultural and natural heritage areas in Menorca.  Discussion and interaction with heritage professionals in Menorca. Students also work on hands-on projects in heritage management (topics vary). (For BU undergraduate Archaeology majors, this course fulfills an area course requirement).
Program Residence

  • Shared apartments in a complex near the beautiful beach of Son Bou.
  • Summer Term: Early June to mid-July
  • Summer Term: March 1