Graduates of the Boston University College of Fine Arts (CFA) School of Theater as well as graduated students of other college/university theater-training programs have the opportunity to continue their education in acting at the Los Angeles Certificate Program: Acting in Hollywood. This program is offered in conjunction with CFA.

This intensive program is supported by of some of Hollywood’s most important professionals, such as Nina Tassler, President of CBS Entertainment; Jason Alexander, star of Seinfeld, as well as scores of other stage, film, and television projects; and many others. The program is a ‘bridge to the professional world’ of Hollywood.

In this eight-credit, four-month intensive program, students concurrently enroll in the core course and typically work at two consecutive internships. Note: Syllabi are for course approval and reference only. Students will receive up-to-date syllabi when their courses begin.

Required Course

Students take the following course:

  • CFA TH 520 Acting in Hollywood (4 credits)
    • Formerly CFA DR 581.
    • The course is designed to be an intensive and practical introduction to the world of being an actor in Hollywood, enabling students to learn many of the things and gain the confidence necessary to navigate the complexities of pursuing acting careers in film and television. Ongoing evaluation and discussion of the individual actor's 'self-image' and 'self-marketing' (how each person can best present themselves to agents, casting directors, etc.) and acting for the camera, along with weekly focus on other topics of particular interest, will form the basis of the class. As part of this class, guest speakers will participate from time to time as coaches and/or to give their take on the business. In addition, students will attend some evening sessions with the BU College of Communication–track students when guests or topics of particular interest are featured.
    • Syllabus

Internship Course (Required)

Work in major Hollywood casting offices, talent agencies, or management firms.

  • CFA TH 540 Internship in Hollywood (4 credits)
    • Formerly CFA DR 582.
    • The internship is one of the primary academic and professional pillars of the Los Angeles Certificate Program. Students are introduced to industry environments in their respective fields at sites where they will see the work of industry professionals and participate “in the business.” Students are required to intern for a minimum of 20 hours per week, however; they are expected to intern at two companies for up to 40 hours per week. Progress is monitored through student journal entries and a final paper in which students reflect on their education and experience over the semester.

The Global Learning Experience: An Online Course

Students in all Fall and Spring programs have the opportunity to enroll in The Global Learning Experience at no additional cost.

  • CAS IP101 The Global Learning Experience (1 credit)
    • All program participants have the opportunity to make the most of their semester abroad with The Global Learning Experience, a self-paced, Pass/Fail course with brief readings and experiential assignments that accompany them while living and studying in a country and culture different from their own. Students post their work, experiences and observations to an online platform to trace and articulate their achievements abroad from an academic, personal and professional standpoint. The course links students with the faculty instructors as well as peers studying on other BU Study Abroad programs around the world. Students earn one credit in addition to the total program credits mentioned below at no additional cost.
    • Syllabus

Program Residence 

  • Students share furnished apartments at the Park LaBrea Apartments in Los Angeles.
  • The apartments have two bedrooms with two occupants per bedroom. Each apartment has a shared kitchen stocked with cooking utensils.
  • Singles are available on a space-available basis for a supplemental fee.
  • Students have full access to amenities offered through this centrally located apartment complex.
  • Although board is not included, students can easily walk to nearby grocery stores and restaurants.
  • The apartments have on-site laundry facilities.
  • Fall Semester: Late August to mid-December
  • Fall Semester: March 15