The USFQ Exchange immerses students in the cultural and ecological diversity of the northern Andean country of Ecuador, through direct enrollment in university coursework and all-inclusive excursions throughout the country. Students can choose from two programs: the Cumbayá Program or the Galápagos Semester Program (GAIAS). The Cumbaya students, who are considered full-time undergraduates at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), have access to the full curriculum at USFQ and enroll in five to six semester-long courses in the liberal arts and sciences. Courses at USFQ carry three credits each. Students also may participate in a local community service affiliation for two credits. Galápagos Semester Program students will spend a semester studying the vast and diverse ecosystems of Ecuador through intensive hands-on experiences. The program consists of four ecology courses based on field research in the montane, tropical rainforest and coastal regions, as well as an intensive Spanish language course. All science courses are taught in English. Graduate credit may be awarded to full-time graduate students for the ecology courses by conducting additional independent research.