The Dublin Internship Program is offered fall and spring semesters. It offers students the opportunity to study and work in one of Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. Based at Dublin City University (DCU), the program combines a professional internship with core coursework on various aspects of Ireland’s dynamic history and contemporary culture. The elective courses cover a range of perspectives on life in Ireland – art, economy, healthcare, human rights, literature, and media. Courses designed specifically for the program are taught by faculty drawn from Dublin-area universities and professional institutes. Internship placements are contingent upon the student’s past experience, professional interests, and the available opportunities, so flexibility is essential. The fall semester also offers a track specifically designed for those students interested in the health sciences. Students are housed on the campus of DCU and have full access to its facilities, services, and student activities. Excursions, fieldtrips, and guest lecturers are included in the program.