Disability & Access Services Abroad

BU Study Abroad is here to support students with physical, psychological, and learning disabilities on BU Study Abroad programs around the world. It is important to discuss this information so our staff can help you plan, and research the attitudes, perceptions, and laws surrounding accessibility abroad, as these things may vary depending on where you go.

Boston University Study Abroad is deeply committed to creating an accessible and inclusive learning environment for students with disabilities. Accommodations are granted on an individual basis by the BU Disability and Access Services office (DAS). Students requesting accommodations are strongly encouraged to contact Study Abroad staff as soon as they begin to plan their Study Abroad experience. Staff in Study Abroad and DAS work together to answer questions, advise on availability of accommodations by program, and arrange for services abroad.

Please remember, disability or chronic illness will never be used as a reason to deny a student acceptance into a study abroad program or prevent them from participating. However, the earlier you inform our office, the better we can assist you in preparing for your study abroad experience and arranging any accommodations you may need. Email us at abroad@bu.edu early in the process to get started.

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If you don’t feel represented on this page or if you feel that other resources or terminology should be included, please reach out to us to contribute your thoughts. This is a living document that is a work in progress that we’d like you to collaborate with us on. If you would like additional resources, or if you have found your own resources that other students could benefit from, please don’t hesitate to contact us at abroad@bu.edu.