Boston University Study Abroad is deeply committed to creating an accessible and inclusive learning environment for students with a mental health, emotional, learning, or physical disability. Accommodations are granted on an individual basis by the BU Disability and Access Services office (DAS), for both BU and Non-BU students. Students requesting accommodations are strongly encouraged to contact Study Abroad and DAS staff as soon as they begin to plan their Study Abroad experience. Staff can answer questions, advise on availability of accommodations by program, and arrange for services abroad. Please note that we are unable to accommodate emotional support animals in our international programs.

Mental Health Support

Mental health support services vary by destination. Students are encouraged to discuss the advisability of studying abroad with their mental health professional, as pre-existing mental health conditions may be triggered or intensified by the stress of adjusting to unfamiliar surroundings. Study Abroad staff are available to answer questions about mental health concerns and the availability of support services by program. Please email