You’re in! This Pre-Departure Page is your “one stop shop” for all the program-related information you will need to prepare for your departure.

Please be prepared to work across a few different systems in order to be completely set to go abroad:

  1. BU Study Abroad Online PortalYou will need to complete your Pre-Departure Documents in order to finalize your term registration.
  2. BU London Personal PageA database operated by BU London. You will need to gain access and complete tasks related to your visa, classes, housing, and other items through this page.
  3. EUSA Student GatewayYou will need to access and complete a profile on the EUSA Student Gateway in order to be matched with your internship abroad.
  4. UK Visas & ImmigrationYou will create an account with the UKVI to complete and submit a visa application and book your required biometrics appointment.

Check this page regularly! Information will be updated throughout the semester. To stay on track, use the self-check at the end of each phase. Get to know the place you’ll be calling home for the next semester – including cultural customs, academic differences and daily life – in the “In-Country Guide”.


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Program Contacts

As you prepare for and embark on your study abroad experience, you will be in contact with various staff members from BU Study Abroad, both in Boston and abroad. To avoid missing important information, please add “” to your address book. Please keep all emails in a folder for your reference as you prepare for your semester abroad. Here are the names and email addresses of some people who will be in touch with you this semester, and/or whom you may want to contact with questions.

Boston-based Staff:

Corey Blackmar, Program Manager
Corey will be your primary contact for the following tracks during the pre-departure process. All questions and concerns you may have should be directed to him.

    London-based Staff:

    All the staff members below may be in touch with you at various points regarding pre-departure preparations.

    Various staff from the Student Life Office will be in contact with you regarding the London Personal Page, housing, cell phones and the BU London Social Programme.  You will hear from the Student Life team throughout the semester.

    If you have any academic questions, the Academic Affairs Office is the one to contact.  They can help you out with course enrollment, syllabi, CAS Numbers, and any concerns. In addition, the Academic Affairs team will contact you throughout the semester regarding any academic updates.

    Various staff from our internship team in London will be in touch via email regarding your placement. You may be asked to provide additional log-in information as part of this process.


    ———– END CONTACT ———–

    ———– START CALENDAR ———–

    Important Pre-Departure Dates

    Friday, February 22 – First day of Tier-4 application window
    Thursday, February 28 – Tier-4 UK Visa Workshop (888 Commonwealth Avenue 2nd Floor)
    Friday, March 1 –
    Deadline to upload passport copy to London Personal Page
    Monday, March 18 – EUSA Pre-Placement Presentation (Loc. TBD)
    Monday, March 18 – Friday, March 22 – EUSA Placement Individual Meetings
    Friday, March 22 – Tier-4 UK Visa Group Mailing Deadline #1
    TBD – Deadline to select Elective course on London Personal Page
    Monday, April 1 – Deadline to complete housing preferences on London Personal Page
    Saturday, April 6 – London Internship Pre-Departure Meeting (Loc. TBD)
    Wednesday, April 10 – Tier-4 UK Visa Group Mailing Deadline #2
    Friday, April 19 – Deadline to mail Tier-4 visa application without expediting
    Saturday, April 20 – All visa applications must be expedited, starting now

    Tentative Academic Calendar

    The Summer 2019 London Internship Program runs from Tuesday, May 21, 2019 through Friday, August 2, 2019.  We have included a tentative calendar below, and will notify you of any changes.

    Tuesday, May 21 – Arrivals Day
    Wednesday, May 22 – Orientation Programme
    Thursday, May 23 – Core Course First Class
    Friday, May 24 – Elective First Class & Internship Seminar Workshop
    Monday, May 27 – UK Bank Holiday (no classes)
    Friday, May 31, June 7, and June 14 – EUSA Placement Interviews
    Friday, June 21 (PM) – Core Phase Contingency Class Day
    Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23 – Study Weekend
    Wednesday, June 26
    – Elective Exam
    Friday, June 28 – Core Exam
    Monday, July 1 – Internships Begin
    Thursday, August 1 – Internships End
    Friday, August 2 – Departures Day

    Neither late arrivals nor early departures are permitted.
    We urge students to not make any weekend or mid-semester break travel plans until they arrive on site and receive the finalized course and program schedule. During the semester, students must fulfill strict attendance requirements and will be very busy with classes, program activities, and assignments. If family and friends plan to visit, please schedule trips to take place before the start of on-site orientation, during a scheduled program break, or after the semester ends. The first and last weeks of the program are critical to students’ success and require your full attention. By timing visits to coincide with scheduled program breaks, you can meet attendance requirements and take full advantage of your study abroad experience.

    ———– END CALENDAR ———–

    ———– START GUIDE ———–

    2.      Daily Life

    3.      Student Life

    4.      Money Matters

    5.      Traveling

    6.      Staying Healthy

    7.      Staying Safe

    8.      “Being You” Abroad

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