Photo: A glass filled halfway with water on a clear white background.

Is Optimism the Secret to a Long Life?

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Photo: Hutch Hutcherson stands and points to the camera with both hands. He wears a blue short sleeved shirt, and black puffer vest and cap as he stands on a hiking trail. Wooden sign behind him gives details on the trail he is on.

Video: Hiking Tips from a Veteran Outdoorsman

Photo: Professor Phillip Haberkern teaches a CAS history class "Game of Thrones: Power and Politics in Pre-Modern Europe “ on October 19, 2022. A white man with a grey beard and head of hair stands in front of a classroom and smiles as students look on. Behind him, the projection on screen reads "Quick question #2: You're on the small council at the death of Robert - what steps would you suggest to avoid these failings?"

Game of Thrones and What It Can Teach Us about Historic European Power and Politics

Photo of a blue-gloved hand holding up a small glass container filled with three tiny mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes and Disease

Video: Inside the Insectary: How BU Scientists Study Diseases from Mosquitoes—without Getting Bitten