Photo taken of red and white confetti canons going off at the end of commencement. Graduates can be seen on on the field in their red gowns and black mortarboards, and the jumbotron is seen at left.

Congratulations, Class of 2022

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Photo of Natalie Ackerman (COM 22) and Aurouramary Estaba (CAS, Pardee 22) , a young white woman and young black woman. They stand and pose holding a sign that reads "each other" with arrows pointing to each other and a heart emoji. They both look to each other and laugh.
Commencement 2022

Class of 2022 on What They’ll Miss Most about BU

Red collage illustration that reads "Looking Back, Class of 2022" at center in uppercase, white font. Around the edges of the image are photos and screenshots from memorable moments from the past four years, including the red sox winning the world series, students posing with the Rhett bench, baby Yoda, and a screenshot of BURDLE, a play on the popular game Wordle. White video play button is overlaid.
Commencement 2022

Looking Back: Oh, What a Four Years It’s Been!

Photo of a smiling Eduino Torres standing next to a large window in the GSU. He wears a light blue collared shirt that has a small logo on the right that reads "BU Facilities Management & Operations" and jeans.
staff Spotlight

Meet the King of the GSU