From left, Oliver McRae, James "Jacy" Bird, an ENG associate professor and Lena Dubitsky have been studying what bubbles can teach us about how microplastics, viruses, and bacteria aerosolize. Bird just put out a paper on his findings. The team worked in the lab, Wednesday, February 15, 2023. Photo by Jake Belcher

New Bubble Popping Theory Could Help Track Ocean Pollution and Viruses

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3/17/23 -- Boston, Massachusetts Brianna Bourne (CAS’24), president of SOCA, Students of Caribbean Ancestry Club Photo by Cydney Scott for Boston University Photography
Student Life

Terriers in Charge: Brianna Bourne (CAS’24)

Photo: Bill Banfield (STH'88) conducts a concert with his Imagine Orchestra at the Edward M. Pickman Concert Hall Longy School of Music, Friday, November 11, 2022. A Black mean wearing glasses, a purple and black knit cap, and black blazer, has his hands raised in the air as he conducts.

Jazzman Bill Banfield (STH’88) is Bridging Jazz, Faith, and Community

A photo showing the curvature of the earth from the International Space Station. Photo by NASA via Unsplash

Astronomy Class Ponders Life Beyond Earth