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  • Zaman lab moves to Boston University. We will be a part of Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Medicine and the Center for Global Health at the School of Public Health.
  • Congrats to Tianyi Yang on successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis. Well done Dr. Yang!
  • Erin’s paper on cellular rheology in 3D appears in Biophysical Journal. Congrats Erin. (See all publications)
  • Mark and Ge’s paper on Robustness of Integrin Signaling Network accepted in J. Chem. Phys. Congrats Mark and Ge! (see all publications )
  • Congrats to Leo on receiving 2009-10 continuing fellowship!
  • Erin receives PEO fellowship. Congrats Erin!
  • Erin receives Merck/UNCF Graduate Fellowship. Congrats Erin!
  • Erin receives AAUW fellowship. Congrats Erin!
  • Ge and Leo’s paper on actin-fascin bundling gets accepted. Congrats Ge and Leo (See all publications)
  • Jaya passes her biochem qualifier exams. Congrats Jaya!
  • Dr. Zaman appointed to Editorial Board of Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics.
  • Dr. Zaman to serve as a Guest Editor of Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering’s special issue on “Mechanics and Molecular Modeling”.
  • Ge passed his qualifier exams. Congrats Ge!
  • Erin passes her qualifiers with flying colors! Congrats Erin!
  • Leo’s paper on neurite-substrate interaction gets accepted in Annals of Biomedical Engineering. Congrats Leo (see all pubications).
  • Yusuke Sakamoto, Jaya, Ge Wang and Dewi Harjanto join Zaman labs as graduate students and Garrett Ghent, Daniel Barrera, Daphne Hao and Jeff Taylor join the Zaman labs as undergraduate students. Welcome all!
  • Tianyi’s paper on adhesion to mobile ligands gets accepted in Langmuir. Congrats Tianyi. See all publications
  • CELS@Home initiative highlighted (read more)
  • Shanique Roberson and Aaron Dominguez receive Ford Foundation Fellowships for graduate studies. Congrats Shanique and Aaron!
  • Congratulations to Shanique, Aaron, Mary and Karen on their graduation. We wish them all the best in their future pursuits.


  • Dr. Zaman receives 2008 Cockrell School of Engineering Outstanding Teaching by Assistant Professor Award
  • Rajagopal’s review paper on computational methods and 3D migration accepted in Cell Adhesion and Migration. Congratulations Raja!
  • Dr. Zaman receives American Society for Engineering Education Gulf Southwest Region Outstanding Teaching Award.
  • Dr. Zaman receives Student Engineering Council Outstanding Teaching Award in BME.



  • Dr. Zaman named FEBS Young Investigator in Matrix Biology.
  • Brittany Bradshaw receives NSF Fellowship for graduate studies. Congrats Brittany!
  • Tianyi Yang’s paper in J. Chem. Phys. 2007 on free energy landscape of cell adhesion selected for Virtual Journal of Biological Physics. Congrats Tianyi!
  • Dr. Zaman receives Welch Foundation Grant p for research on free energy landscapes of adhesion.
  • Dr. Zaman to serve as the Track Chair for BMES 2007 Cell and Molecular Engineering.
  • Brittany receives Sigma Xi Fellowship for research. Congrats Brittany!
  • The Zaman lab welcomes Karen Tran, David Cantu and Frank Gu as undergraduate researchers. See all people