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Custom Applications


Custom Applications are defined as computer programs created to perform a specific computational task in a manner not available in the standard function sets of commercially available software products. Developed in any type and level of computer language for any type of hardware and software environment, these specialized programs have a uniqueness derived from the individual requirements and details of the intended task.

Examples of Custom Applications include:

  1. Commercial software that has, through the purchase and alteration of the product's source code, been made unique.
  2. Software developed by an independant software consultant/engineer for a specific purpose.
  3. Software written to be used interpretively with commercial software products e.g., database or spreadsheet applications.
  4. User defined formulas and calculations that manipulate user data files.

    The complexity of just one of these programs is described in our Database Example.

Safe Approach to Custom Applications

To adequately address Y2K issues with Custom Application, a thorough understanding of the programmatic logic and inter-relationships with other systems is required. It is highly recommended that you contact the original author/developer of any application that falls under this category. Fixing custom applications is difficult and should not be undertaken by the novice. Solutions to Y2K problems found in custom applications may involve several complex steps that only a skilled programmer should undertake.

Good Sites with Possible Solutions for You

Here are a few references for experienced system administrators: