WR 150 Equivalents

The following classes in other departments satisfy the WR 150 requirement every semester they are offered. Please see the catalog for a full list of all WR 150 equivalents offered in the current semester.

CAS AH 150

Writing on Art

Offered by the Art History Department

CAS CC 201

Core Humanities

Students must take CC 101 & CC 102 first.

Offered by the Core Curriculum

CAS CC 112 & CC 211 (together)

Core Social Science

Offered by the Core Curriculum

CAS CH 111 &  CH 112 (together)

Intensive General and Quantitative Analytical Chemistry

Offered by the Chemistry Department

CAS CH 181 & CH 182 (together)

Intensive General and Physical Chemistry

Offered by the Chemistry Department

CAS EN 220

Seminar in Literature

Offered by the English Department

CAS HI 150

Freshman Writing and Research Seminar

Offered by the History Department

CAS MA 150

Investigations in Geometry

Offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

CGS RH 102

English Composition and Research

Offered by the College of General Studies.

CGS RH 103 and RH 104 (together equal WR 100 and WR 150)

Rhetorical Practices from the Ancient World to Enlightenment and Rhetorical Practices from The Industrial Revolution through the Digital Revolution

Offered by the College of General Studies.

KHC Second Semester Course and KHC ST 112 (together)

Second Semester Kilachand Honors College Course and Studio

Completing any 4-credit KHC course and the 2-credit studio KHC ST 112 during the spring of the freshman year meets the WR 150 requirement.

Offered by the Kilachand Honors College (previously University Honors College)

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