CAS Center for Writing Policies


The CAS Center for Writing is very busy and serves thousands of students, primarily those who are taking WR courses. We also provide writing tutoring for students in WR-equivalents (EN 120, CC 101 and CC 102, etc.), those in Kilachand Honors College writing courses, and those students working on papers or writing assignments in any CAS class. The policies, here, are designed so that these students can have access to working with a writing tutor. Students that violate the policies will receive an initial WARNING. Any additional violation will result in that student being denied the privilege of using the Writing Center’s tutoring services for the remainder of the semester or longer.

Students can receive tutoring for their other classes through the Educational Resource Center (617-353-7077) or the COM Writing Center (617-353-6632).


Scheduling Appointments:

You will receive a WARNING notice if you schedule an appointment with a tutor who is not able to tutor your class level. If you sign up for a tutor who is not able to tutor your class level, your appointment will be moved to an appropriate tutor if one if available at the same time or canceled if one is not available. By reserving appointments with incompatible tutors, you may be preventing other students from receiving support.

One Appointment per week: You are allowed only one appointment per week, unless you are enrolled in the Intensive Tutoring Program (including walk-in appointments).

Late Cancellations: You have up to 9 hours ahead of your appointment time in which to cancel, without any violation of the policies. You will receive a WARNING notice if you cancel after this time period.

No Shows: You will receive a WARNING notice if you fail to attend a scheduled appointment.

False Representations: You will receive a WARNING notice if you misrepresent yourself in any way when scheduling an appointment. Such misrepresentations include, but are not limited to, falsely identifying yourself as another student, falsely identifying yourself as a student in a WR course, falsely identifying yourself as a student in a CAS class, or falsely identifying the WR course in which you are enrolled. In certain cases, we may contact the Dean of Students to pursue disciplinary actions against any students who are violating the “Code of Students Responsibilities.”

Students in CAS courses: Students who are working on a paper or a writing assignment for a CAS course are encouraged to use the Writing Center. They should make appointments online for papers from WR / WR Equivalent courses, for other CAS papers, students will need to make a walk-in appointment on the day of the appointment via the Front Desk.

Walk-in Policy: Students working on a paper or a writing assignment for a CAS course may walk-in for appointments at the Writing Center, and certain hours on the schedule are dedicated as “Walk-in Only.All eligible students may also come to the Writing Center and meet with the first available tutor. All walk-ins must first sign in at the front desk. After doing so, the student will receive a “Walk-in Pass,” which should be returned to the front desk after the tutoring appointment is completed. All walk-ins are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Lateness: Students who are 15 minutes late for their appointments may have their appointment given over to anyone waiting for a walk-in.

What to Bring

  • Your assignment sheet
  • A hard copy of your current draft, earlier drafts, and any relevant notes
  • The sources used in your essay
  • Your thoughts about how to improve your essay
  • An open mind and willingness to respond to the tutor
  • A referral form from your instructor, if you have one, or any other comments about your writing from your instructor

What to Expect During a Tutoring Session

  • An encouraging and supportive environment for talking about your writing
  • Assistance from a trained graduate- or undergraduate-level tutor
  • A one-on-one session devoted to your writing
  • Someone to respond to your writing with questions and to take your thinking and writing seriously

What Not to Expect During a Tutoring Session

  • Someone to merely edit or proofread your work
  • Someone to evaluate or grade your work
  • Someone fully knowledgeable about the content of your course

Book a Tutoring Appointment

Tutors are available for all CAS WR classes. Appointments can be booked online.

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