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Patrick A Patrick Allen
Writing Fellow – SAR 2017
Major: Human Physiology

Hailing from Massachusetts, Patrick is a diehard Boston sports fan. He loves movies, going to FitRec, and, most of all, Tom Brady. Relevant classes he has taken include WR100 “The Mad Scientist in Film and Literature,” WR150 “Russian Literary Masterpieces,” and PH251 “Medical Ethics.” He has also served as a Learning Assistant for BI108. When he isn’t tutoring in the Writing Center, you can find Patrick in Myles Standish Hall, where he serves as a Resident Assistant, in the Catholic Center, or in the GSU, devouring a hamburger from Rhett’s. Make sure you stop him for a conversation – he can’t wait to meet you!


Heather BarrettHeather Barrett
Graduate Tutor
Ph.D. Candidate, English and American Literature

Heather has worked in the Writing Center for four years. When she isn’t tutoring, she is working on a dissertation about the strange ways that human bodies are depicted in nineteenth-century American Gothic fiction. She also teaches one course each semester in either the English Department or the Writing Program; in Fall 2015, she is teaching a WR 100 course for ESL students on international Gothic tales. She grew up north of Boston and went to Wellesley College before coming to BU. She loves the Red Sox, knitting, and traveling with her partner Resi.


Michele CaMichele Calandra
ESL Specialist

Michele currently works as a teacher at BU’s Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP), where she teaches a wide variety of international students academic skills, including academic writing, listening & note taking, public speaking, and academic reading skills. She has a Master’s Degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey where she co-taught a rhetoric course (both writing and speaking) to international graduate students. In addition to writing, Michele is also passionate about dance, travel, and good food.


Rachita CRachita Chaudhury
Writing Fellow – ENG 2018
Major: Biomedical Engineering

Rachita grew up in Franklin, Massachusetts. Her interests include tissue engineering and biomedical optics. She also serves on the executive board of BU’s Engineers Without Borders, a global sustainable development non-profit. To escape from her engineering work and activities, Rachita enjoys reading short stories and poetry. For her writing courses she took “Art of the Lyric” and “Visions of Justice.” Rachita loves working with students and has been tutoring for 6 years



Michelle Ch Michelle Cheng
Writing Fellow – COM 2017
Major: Journalism

Michelle Cheng, having taken WR100 “Education and Work,” took to heart the importance of education opening the doors to opportunities; so you’ll always find her interested in learning new things. As a journalist, she likes to report on education, public policy, lifestyle, and technology, and is currently the managing editor at The Quad. While it’s difficult for her to pick a favorite book, she enjoys reading the works of Curtis Sittenfeld and Haruki Murakami. She also has a deep appreciation for the arts, as she has been a dancer for over 15 years.

Michelle Cr Michelle Crough
Writing Fellow – CAS 2017
Major: Biology

Michelle took WR 100 “Fairy Tales and Literature” and WR 150 “Case Studies in Fairy Tales.” She speaks Spanish, and spent the fall of 2014 studying abroad in the Madrid Science Program, where she tutored a young student in English. Michelle is especially interested in fantasy, comics, theater, and puppies.

Madeleine FMadeleine Freeman
Writing Fellow – CAS/KHC 2018
Major: Philosophy & English

In her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee, Madeleine was involved in her high school’s writing center and volunteered as a tutor in community ESL programs. She has taken CC101 and CC102 in the Core Curriculum. Madeleine cannot wait to start her first semester in the Writing Center so she can share her enthusiasm for the craft of writing. She enjoys movies, singing classical music, and DJing with her friends on their radio show, “Your Auntie Grizelda.” On a rainy Sunday afternoon, her favorite Boston haunt is the Museum of Fine Arts.

Colleen KeatingColleen Keating
Writing Fellow – CAS 2016
Major: Political Science & International Relations

Colleen Keating is from Ridgefield, Connecticut and is a Spanish minor. As a freshman, she very much enjoyed her writing courses, WR100 “US Presidents and American Secularism” and WR150 “Oratory in America.” Colleen also works as a tutor for the Intergenerational Literacy Program teaching English to adult immigrants. She feels fortunate to have such a rewarding job. Outside of school and work, Colleen enjoys exploring Boston and spending time with friends.



Patrick KPatrick Kobel
Writing Fellow – CAS 2017
Major: Economics

For his writing seminars, Patrick took “Shakespeare After Tragedy” and “Education and Work,” and his final paper was on professional wrestlers. Patrick enjoys that the writing program covers a variety of topics and viewpoints, and he looks forward to learning about them when working in the writing center. He is excited to help students most effectively engage their audiences and express their ideas. Patrick is also an officer for BU’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu club and participates in the Community Service Center.



Perrin KriskoPerrin Krisko
Writing Fellow – CAS 2016
Major: International Relations

C. Perrin Krisko is a proud Vermonter and to prove it, she carries maple syrup in her backpack at all times. She has more hobbies, such as slacklining, hula hooping, gardening, blogging, and running around Boston, than her free time allows. Perrin’s favorite volunteer organizations at BU are Alpha Phi Omega and the Community Service Center. While Perrin loves to read, she can’t remember the last time she finished a book. Perrin’s biggest pet peeve with writing (and a personal weakness) is excessive use of the thesaurus.

Maddy LeckieMaddy Leckie (spring only)
Senior Writing Fellow – SED 2016
Major: Elementary Education

Maddy Leckie is currently taking English courses for her disciplinary focus in literature. At her home in northern New Jersey, Maddy spends time working with students of all ages in a variety of subjects, but English is always her favorite! Maddy has a book on hand practically at all times – and her current favorite is Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. Maddy also loves figure skating and mountain climbing.

Lynch-Diana1Diana Lynch
Diana has been an ESL teacher for fifteen years, working during that time at both Boston University and Northeastern University. She fell in love with language teaching and attended Tufts University, where she received a graduate degree in 2007 in Educational Studies, with a focus on language learning. After graduating, she attended a language school in Naples, Italy. Diana’s research concerns the very intricate connections between culture and writing. When not in the classroom, she can be found in her garden, growing vegetables and weeding. In the winter she takes ice skating lessons and can often be found at home, curled up with a cup of tea, editing one of her short stories.
Alex MacConochieAlex MacConochie
Graduate Tutor
Ph.D. Candidate, English

Alex MacConochie is currently working on a project that examines the role of touch in the works of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Alex taught WR 100 and 150 courses on Renaissance Poetry in the fall of 2013 and Spring 2014. Prior to coming to BU, Alex worked several semesters at Tidewater Community College in his hometown of Norfolk, Virginia, where he also tutored in math. While an undergraduate at the University of Richmond, Alex studied abroad in Ankara, Turkey. Alex speaks Spanish and Turkish at a basic level, and his interests outside literature include history, the visual arts, and environmental issues.

Jessica M Jessica Mackimm
Writing Fellow – SAR 2017
Major: Speech, Language and Hearing Science

Jessica began her college career as a Vocal Music Education major at a small liberal arts school in New York, but, as a New England native, she was ready to return to Boston after her freshman year. Outside of the classroom, Jessica loves music, food, and travel. After graduation, Jessica hopes to pursue a career as a physician assistant and work in areas around the world that have limited access to health care.



Dylan MarshallDylan Marshall (fall only)
Senior Writing Fellow – CAS 2016
Major: History

Dylan hails from the small town of Carver, Massachusetts, which is known for three things: a renaissance fair, an amusement park with a train, and cranberries. Dylan enjoys playing trombone with the BU Pep Band and Marching Band, and interning at the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program on campus. Dylan’s favorite writer of all time is Kurt Vonnegut. Dylan studied abroad in Padua, Italy in Spring 2015, and is mostly fluent in Italian. If not at class, work, or band, you’ll probably find Dylan running on the Esplanade or enjoying the city of Boston’s many delicious culinary options.

Melanie MartinsMelanie Martins
Senior Writing Fellow – SED 2017
Major: Bilingual Education

In addition to her work at the Writing Center, Melanie also tutors ESL classes in Chelsea as part of BU’s Intergenerational Literacy Program. She is pursuing a minor in Linguistics. In her spare time she loves to take trips, big and small. The biggest trips have been to Brazil, to visit family and friends. Little trips range from a walk around Boston to a drive into the mountains. Melanie enjoys exploring new geographies, cultures, languages, and foods—and of course, writing about them. After graduating, she hopes to teach adult ESL classes.

Julia Mix BarringtonJulia Mix Barrington
Graduate Tutor
Ph.D. Candidate, English

Julia Mix Barrington is not only tutoring this fall, but she will also be teaching a section of WR 100 called “Love Me To Death: Monstrosity and Sexuality from Dracula to Edward.” Julia is from Amherst, Massachusetts, and graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University in New York City in 2012. At Boston University, Julia studies early modern literature, focusing particularly on Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Julia is a proficient French speaker and sometime poet, and in her spare time she sails, knits, and practices yoga. Julia is eager to work with the Writing Program students both as a teacher and as a tutor!

nadia-e1377549143839-477x636Nadia Padilla
Graduate Tutor
Ph.D. Candidate, English

Nadia Padilla, as a third year PhD student in English, is interested in Eighteenth-Century British Literature and the Pastoral mode. She is excited to be teaching a class on Restoration and Eighteenth-Century comedy for the Writing Program this year. Nadia tutored during the last two years of her undergraduate experience and loved the opportunity it provided to connect with other students and help them to learn a valuable skill. Nadia hails from San Diego and, she speaks Spanish and (a little) French. In addition to reading and writing, Nadia loves running, knitting, sewing, and baking.

Maria PMaria Perfetti
Graduate Tutor
M.A.T. candidate, English Education (SED)

Maria hopes to become a middle or high school English teacher. She majored in English and Psychology during her undergrad at Suffolk University, where she also worked as a writing tutor for three years. You are mostly likely to see Maria with a cup of tea and a book. She is very excited to start her time at BU and get to meet and work with a bunch of new people!

Nicole SimonsNicole Simons
Writing Fellow – CAS 2016
Major: Psychology

Nicole Simons grew up in North Carolina, Maryland, but primarily in northern New Jersey. Nicole loves people, coffee, and traveling. She speaks English, French, and Thai, and she has studied abroad in France and Thailand. For both WR100 and WR150, Nicole took Prof. Ted Fitts’ “American Environmental History,” and these have been her favorite courses in college so far. She loves reading literature from the 1920s. If she could sit down and have coffee with anyone in history, Nicole would choose Ernest Hemingway, whose A Moveable Feast, is her favorite work. She is very excited to be a writing tutor this year!

Arslan Tazeem
Graduate Tutoring Fellow
Ph.D. Candidate, Religious Studies
Arslan Tazeem is interested in philosophy, religion, and politics. He joined the Writing Center last year, and has experience working with students in both WR 100 and 150 courses. He enjoys working with students at all stages of the writing process and in a variety of disciplines. He joins other writing tutors and faculty in welcoming you to the Writing Center.
LislLisl Trowbridge
ESL Specialist

Living and working with people from other cultures has been a part of Lisl’s life since her undergraduate studies in Argentina. After graduation, Lisl joined the Peace Corps to teach English in Kyrgyzstan, and then moved to Boston, where she has worked in the ESL field for ten years. Lisl recently completed a Master of Education in TESOL at Boston University, and is currently working at BU’s Center for English Language and Orientation Programs (CELOP). Lisl looks forward to reading students’ writing and helping them improve this invaluable skill.

Huey WuHuey Wu
Writing Fellow – CAS 2017
Major: Comparative Literature

Huey is interested in literary traditions from a comparative and global perspective. In addition to English-language literature, Huey studies Latin literature and is currently working towards proficiency in Chinese. Before joining the Writing Center, Huey taught in various roles as writing teaching assistant, peer health educator, and children’s drawing teacher. Huey is also interested in sociology and social justice, and enjoys journaling and doing puzzles in their spare time. They look forward to encountering and exploring new perspectives and ideas throughout the tutoring process.


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