Issue 8

WR: Journal of the CAS Writing Program

Issue 8, 2015–2016

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Editor’s Note
Christina Michaud

WR 098 Essay

How the García Girls Lost Their Accents: Yolanda’s Struggle with Identity
Prize Essay Award
Jiani Shen

WR 100 Essays

Passive Objectification: Vulnerability in Yoko Ono’s Participatory Art
Eva Vidan Gallagher

Finding Veritas in Harvard’s Tourism
Clara Kim 

Optima dies prima fugit: Jim’s Privileged Nostalgia in Opposition to Cather’s Portrait of Modernity in My Ántonia
Orly Lipset

American Media and the Dream in Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me
Prize Essay Award
Reetu Varadhan

WR 150 Essays

Hydentity Crisis: Interpreting Dr. Jekyll’s Doppelganger as a Golem
Daniel Collins

When Awareness Is Not Enough: Trivialization of Women’s Symptoms and the Gender Gap in the Outcomes of Cardiovascular Disease Patients
Meghan Robbins

Battling Against Stigmatized American Orientalism: An Analysis of Mayling Soong Chiang’s Rhetoric of Chinese Principles
Dave Sebastian

Adopted into an Identity Struggle: An exploration of themes presented in Wo Ai Ni Mommy and Somewhere Between
Prize Essay Award
Gayle Tan

The Greater Good: Analyzing Morality in Watchmen
Jeffrey Wu

Alternative Genre Essays

The Excavation of Mind, Body, and Culture: A Final Engagement with Tributary and Silent Anatomies
Vanlizza Chau

Situation Script: India Kager “Caught in the Crossfire”
Sarah Hirsch

The Fallen Sakura: A Retelling of the Ballad of Fa Mulan
Prize Essay Award
Helen Luo

Honorable Mentions

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