Honorable Mentions

These students’ essays were judged to be among the top 13 essays received for Issue 4 out of over 480 submissions.

Alex Delmonaco

Paper:  Defining a Demoness’s Deliverance: Self-Deception and Inez Serrano’s Role in No Exit
Instructor: Jason Tandon
Course:  Berets and Blue Smoke: Existentialism in Literature and Film (WR 150)

David Lavieri

Paper: Terror and the Media: Attacks aboard Public Transport
Instructor: Jessica Bozek
Course: Reading Disaster (WR 150)

Sergio Reyes

Paper: The Fourth Branch of Lincoln’s Government
Instructor: David Shawn
Course: Oratory in America (WR 150)

James Sundquist

Paper: Up and Down Under: Identity in Up and Down
Instructor: Jura Avizienis
Course: Entering Europe (WR 150)

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