Cover Design Contest

The  Cover Design Contest is an annual competition to select the cover image for the next issue of WR. The winning designer will receive a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card.

This year’s winning cover image will be displayed on the main Journal page and on the Current Issue page with Issue 7. When Issue 8 is published, the Issue 7 cover image will continue to be displayed in the Past Issues section. If any printed copies of the issue are produced, the cover design would also be featured as the cover of the printed version.

The image may be any type of art (graphic design, photography, painting, drawing) as long as it is submitted in an electronic format. The image should include the title of the journal (WR), the issue number (Issue 7), and the publication year (2014-2015). Please keep in mind that the image will be not be very large on the web page (see the Current Issue page for an example of the approximate size). The text should be  readable even if the image is small. Students retain all of their rights to the artwork.

To submit an image, please complete the following form by May 9, 2015. You are allowed to submit up to two designs for consideration.

  • ID number format: U########
  • Please submit your work in a commonly used file format (such as pdf, jpg, gif) that can be accessed by computers without advanced design software.
  • If you have a second design you would like to submit, please do so here.
  • Please submit a brief paragraph describing your artistic vision, why your design would fit well with WR and the Writing Program, and anything else you would like the judges to know about your design.

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