Undergraduate Tutoring Positions

Writing Fellows serve as consultants (or tutors) in the CAS Center for Writing for six hours each week. The one-on-one writing tutorials are devoted to helping students in WR courses become more confident and independent writers of academic arguments. Consultants confer with students on a variety of issues related to the writing process, including (but not limited to) assignment and topic clarification; thesis development and organization; the use of reasons and evidence in support of arguments; acknowledgment and response structures; and sentence-level issues, including grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and usage.

While consultants are strong and capable writers, their role is not as an editor or proofreader. Instead, the fundamental orientation of the consultant is as a sounding board—a person who can recognize potential problem areas, ask questions, and offer sensitive feedback that can enable student writers to come to their own decisions about their writing.


Writing Consultants participate in an orientation session, collaborate with experienced tutors, attend workshops, and receive mentoring from the Writing Center Coordinator.

In addition, new consultants will take the 2-credit WR 598 Tutoring in ESL. This course prepares consultants to work with ESL and multilingual students. It is tentatively scheduled to meet in the Fall 2018 semester on Mondays 4:40-5:55 pm.


Writing Fellows receive $1,150 per semester. After one year of service, consultants receive $1,350 per semester.

Deadlines and Application Information

Applicants for the Writing Fellowship may be enrolled in any college within Boston University.  They must have completed their writing requirements and must have taken at least two semesters of coursework at Boston University by June 1, 2018.

The deadline for applications is  April 2, 2018.

To apply, please use the form below:

  • A letter of application, including contact information, that expresses your interest in being a tutor.
  • approximately 10 pages of academic argumentation, preferably a multi-source essay.
  • If you have any notes or questions regarding your application, please let us know here.

Two letters of reference are also required, and should be sent directly to Heather Barrett, Writing Center Coordinator,

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