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Wound Healing Process

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01.Wound Healing Process 02.Schematic representation of wound healing 03.Compnents of wound healing(Sequence) 04.Compnents of wound healing 05.Coagulation 06.Inflammation
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07.Cell recruitment in the wound 08.Role of macrophages in wound healing 09.Migration/
11.Role of Keratinocytes in wound healing 12.Migration/
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13.Role of fibroblasts in wound healing 14.Healing retarded by several factors 15.Remodeling 16.Remodeling 17.Healing process:acute wounds 18.Chronic wounds
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19.Local factors affecting wound healing 20.Regional factors affecting wound healing 21.Systemic factors affecting wound healing 22.Clinical assessment of wounds 23.Signs of infections 24.Effects of bacteria on wound healing
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25.Management of chronic wounds-local and regional 26.Management of chronic wounds-systemic 27.Future of wound healing