2014 BUWG Scholarships

The Scholarship Application period is now closed.  Recipients will be announced at the BUWG Annual Lunch and Scholarship Awards Presentation on Tuesday, May 20.

Each year, the BUWG invites graduate students over the age of 30, before May 1 of that year (i.e., this year, applicants must have been born before May 1, 1984), to apply for a BUWG scholarship.  We award the following scholarships:

  • Katherine Connor McLaughlin Scholarship, approximately $1,000
  • Elsbeth Melville Scholarship, approximately $1,000
  • Women’s Guild Scholarships, amounts vary

Applications were due March 20, 2014.

Online Application & Recommendation Forms:

  • The Application Period ended on Thursday, March 20.   The Graduate Student Online Application is no longer available.  Remember to submit your application every time you work on it.  You will be permitted to edit your application up until the March 20 deadline.  (After you submit, you must click on the “edit” button in order to generate the URL you need the next time you want to work on your application.)
  • Faculty Online Recommendation Forms are no longer being accepted.  Each application must have two letters of recommendation from BU faculty members, submitted electronically.  Applicants must provide this information and link to their Faculty.

If you have questions, please contact Elizabeth Flagg at eflagg@bu.edu or 617-358-0351.