Sassan Tabatabai

Senior Lecturer in Persian and Core
Head of Persian Language Program
CAS 119
BA, Boston University
MA, Boston University
PhD, Boston University

Sassan Tabatabai is a scholar of  medieval Persian literature. Before joining WLL full-time to teach Persian, for many years he taught the humanities course sequence in the Core Curriculum.  Professor Tabatabai is also a writer, poet, translator and  editor whose  work has appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, Literary  Imagination, The Republic of Letters, Senecca Review and Leviathan  Quarterly. He is the author of Father of Songs: Rudaki and His Poetry (Rozenberg/Purdue University Press, 2008). He is Poetry Editor of The Republic of Letters and has acted as the faculty advisor for the Core Journal,   the annual literary journal of the Core Curriculum. Other than his  interest in  academia, professor Tabatabai is an avid scuba diver who  has experience diving  with sharks. Also a former amateur boxer, he is  currently a licensed coach with  the US Amateur Boxing Federation.

Sassan Tabatabai’s CV